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BirdIndigenous to Yap Islands only, the Yap monarch is one of the variety of birds you can enjoy seeing while drifting through the mysterious mangrove forests. Like its unique namesake, the Yap Monarch Tours offers that same uniqueness.
          Yap is famous for its stone money - the largest heaviest currency in the world. We can arrange for you to see these giant stone money, experience walking on stone paths through a village, or a dance performance, Yap's most traditional anti colorful form of art.
          We offer several land tours as well as mangrove tours, one by motorboat and the other by Kayaks.
          We can arrange your dive or snorkeling tour. Yap has dive shops available that provide a complete range of world-class services, located only a few minutes from the Pathways Hotel. Come and discover the underwater wonders of Yap as only a selected few have been privileged to experience. Yap's Manta Rays are world renown for their abundance in our area.
          With advance notice, we can arrange a variety of special tours like riding a traditional Yapese Canoe or arranging a visit to one of the outer islands. Tell us what you'd like to do and we will do our best to arrange it. We will customize a tour just for you.  

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Cultural Tour
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Dance Tour
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