Adding Interactivity on your Website

Three things to decide when considering adding interactivity to a website are:

  1. What kind of interaction do I want?
  2. Do I have time to maintain it?
  3. How will I respond to my audience, customers, etc?

There are a number of ways to add interactivity to your website.

These resources come with a security risk for your site. As soon as you let users create accounts and log in to access private information, you attract hackers (either humans or bots). WordPress may hold the record for hacks and malware. be careful when downloading and implementing WordPress Themes.

Interactivity and Security

These programs offer built in security features like Captchas (those incredibly annoying letters and numbers you have to type to prove you’re a human when creating an account or logging in to some sites). Please enable these features

Want a Captcha for something else?