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Video File Format Extensions

Format File Description
AVI .avi AVI (Audio Video Interleave) format was developed by Microsoft. Supported by all Windows computers, and most web browsers.
WMV .wmv WMV (Windows Media Video) format was developed by Microsoft. Windows Media is a common format on the Internet, but cannot be played on non-Windows computer without (free) component installed.
MPEG .mpg
The MPEG (Moving Pictures Expert Group) format is popular on the Internet. It is cross-platform, and supported by most popular web browsers.
QuickTime .mov The QuickTime format is developed by Apple. QuickTime is a common on the Internet, but QuickTime movies cannot be played on Windows computer without (free) component installed.
Flash .swf
The Flash (Shockwave) format was developed by Macromedia. The Shockwave format requires an extra component to play. But this component comes preinstalled with web browsers like Firefox and Internet Explorer.
Mpeg-4 .mp4 Mpeg-4 is the new format for the internet. YouTube recommends using MP4. YouTube accepts multiple formats, and then converts them all to .flv or .mp4 for distribution.

Sound File Format Extensions

Format File Description
MIDI .mid
MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface is for electronic music devices. Contains musical notes that can be played by electronics. MIDI files are extremely small size.
Wave .wav The Wave format is the same format used in Music CDs. Uncompressed and large files. Supported by most popular web browsers (except Google Chrome).
WMA .wma The WMA format (Windows Media Audio), compares in quality to MP3, and is compatible with most players, except the iPod. WMA files can be streamed.
MP3 .mp3
MP3 files are actually the sound part of MPEG files. MP3 is one of the most popular sound formats for music with good compression (small files) and high quality.