The Future blends with Tradition

Japan Journeys:

Iwakuni My Home

Miyajima Island

Fukuoka Sumo Wrestling

Sea of Japan Coastline

Tokyo Winter

Japan is a facinating mix of the ultra-modern and traditional.

In the large cities, I often have the feeling I'm in a blade runner movie set. With motion picture screens stretching the across the entire side of sky scrapers displaying seductive video advertising. The underground web of urban subway systems integrates with an intercity "shinkansen" bullet train system. There is little need for automobiles here in Japan. However, driving on the tollway systems often has the feeling of a Japanese video game, with endless tunnels through mountains and robotic flagmen signalling hazards.

In rural areas Japan feels like an ancient place with Buddhist Temples and Shinto Shrines dating back 1000's of years. Everywhere there are lush green gardens with people growing the healthiest vegetables I have ever seen. People still cultivate by hand avoiding the agribusiness machinery found in the USA. Japan has far more mountains then flat agricultural lands.

I am currently living in Iwakuni, Yamaguchi Prefucture. The place is surrounded by mountains on three sides and the inland sea to the east. When one looks out upon the sea there are islands everywhere and fishing boats realing in there catch for the local sushi shops. Japan is a good place for an island man.

Although I usually feel like a stranger in a strange land. It is a very relaxing place. Crime seems to be non-existant. I like it here and hope to stay a while.

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