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I only have one poem for this area so far. There have been a few others and I like poetry as a medium of expression. Maybe I am just procrastinating developing this area. I wrote this poem after departing my last all consuming job, and was quite "burned out". I enrolled in a workshop called the MAX-Stretching the Limits of Self Expression at Esalen. I had five weeks to memorize a poem for the workshop and I procrastinated the task until the hour before. In the end it was the topic procrastination that held so much meaning for me. It can be our friend in this busy world we seem to exist in:
by Robert Laurie
Procrastination seems to be my plight.
With last minute anxiety, I search for insight.
I have read many words that are not my own.
There is no joy in memorizing another author's poem.
I think of all those moments when I could have worked.
But instead I enjoyed the now and let the future lurk.
Listening to nature's green song and talking with friends.
I see no reason to make amends.
Procrastination makes me feel alive.
Not just another bee of the hive.
Preparing five hours to talk for one.
Is a waste of time for a child of the sun.

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