On the island of Yap, long known as a different kind of place, tourism and hotel developement are taking a new and different direction.
         The Pathways Hotel is owned and operated by a Yapese family who are trying to be environmentally sensible, and culturally sensitive to the goals that their island values must be preserved.
         The hotel is a small eight bungalow resort that is located in a garden setting situated on a hillside overlooking a bay. We offer carefully built local-style bungalows in which you can leisurely examine the thatching, the coconut rope lashings, the log supports and the intricate patterns of reeds, bamboo and nipa (mangrove) leaves. The bungalows are modern and very comfortably furnished. Amenities such as air conditioning, ceiling fans, refrigerator, hot water, private bath and a private balcony to insure your comfort and satisfaction.
         We are conveniently located within walking distances to all dive shops, handicraft shops, and restuarants and government agencies, with only a leisure drive of less than five minutes from the Yap International Airport. We accept all major credit cards.
Contact your travel agent today or if you wish, write or call us at:
P. O. Box 718
Colonia, Yap Island, FM  96943
Tel. 691-350-3310   Fax. 691-350-2066
E-mail: Pathways@mail.fm 
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