On the north coast of Yap is the Bechiyal Cultural Center. It is a working village that welcomes visitors. Accommodations include either camping or staying in the thatched roof guest cottage. There is no electricity so bring a flashlight and batteries. You can reserve the guest cottage by calling Chief John Tamag 350-2939.
     For about $5 per meal you will also be served what the villagers eat for the day. Typically, breadfruit, taro, fish, crab, and a drinking coconut. The people here are rather shy so bring a book or two. The beach is great for swimming and they do have fresh water showers.
     Ready for some real adventure in a tribal culture? You can go to any of the outer islands if you arrange to have permission in advance. Simply send your request to the following address a few weeks prior:
c/o Joe Tiycheimal
Council of Tamol
P.O. Box 402
Colonia, YAP 96943
fax: (691) 350-4271

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