MeThis is a classic Face-to-Face class and we meet entirely in person. There will be no online discussions and if you have a question you can ask in class or email me at:

I will post handouts and hyperlinks to videos for the class on this web page which is accessible at the hosting URL

So lets get started…

This is a fast paced mathematics course in an 8 week session.

I recommend you allocate approximately 18 hours per week to this course:

I recommend that you get started with Week 1 content today, by clicking Week 1 in the navigation bar above or scrolling down.

Robert Laurie

Week 1: Number Theory and the Real Number System


Week 2: Algebra and Problem Solving

week 2

  1. Mathematics and sex | Clio Cresswell | TEDxSydney 13m

Week 3: Polynomials, Factoring, and Quadratic Equations

Week 4: Graphing, Functions, and 2-Variable Equations

Week 5: Financial Mathematics

Week 7: Statistics

Week 8: Final Exam Time

I hope you feel are more comfortable with mathematics after taking this course and you will find it a useful skill when you apply it in life situations. It is your best critical thinking skill to help you make financial decisions. Mathematics is the basis of technology development and understanding physical sciences. If you would like to progress in mathematics, please take the placement test and request MATH107 College Algebra. MATH107 is transferable to all universities and colleges.